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    Welcome to your new favorite way to grow your record collection outside of a record store! The "LSTN'N PRTY" which is a club that is essentially a "rental" club. Here is how it works... When you sign up for the LSTN'N PRTY below, we will send you 4-5 great records for your earhole pleasure, which you can listen to and enjoy all month, then by the end of the month send them back in the original shipping packaging and use your return label. Thats all! Each month we will email you the next months selections so you can get an idea of what is coming. We tend to group each month by genre or theme, but it will always be stuff that we think is finger licking good. Not to fear if you sent a record back by accident, you can also purchase any of those records on the facebook page or on this websites store.

    Be sure to stop by the SELECTIONS page for whats upcoming in the member boxes!

    If you want to become a member of the LSTN'N PRTY all you have to do is click here to subscribe!


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    Pretty simple huh?

    Did we convince you that we are awesomely rad yet? We think so...so come and join the sweetest record club that allows you to listen what we send you before you buy!!


    Your new favorite way to grow your record collection, outside of a record store!
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